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Save thousands of dollars by cleaning and reusing your filters Product Details Product Brochure

Diversi-Tech's Green Filter Cleaning Machine will effectively and safely cleans air filters

Features our patented Injection Self Cleaning System (U.S. Patent 61109825), over 2000 ICS systems in use.

  • Enables filter recycling, immediate ROI.
  • Environmentally friendly, reduces Land Fill.
  • Filters can be re-used 3 - 6 times depending on applications.
  • Insures peak performance of diesel engines and dust collectors!

Air Filter Cleaning Features

  • Typical cleaning cycle 4 to 6 minutes per filter
  • Injection Self-Cleaning System (US Patent 61109825)
  • Adjustable frame for different filter diameters and heights
  • Cyclone - 1400 cfm@4"S.P.
  • 55 gallon dust container
  • Vibration platform

Savings Calculator

By cleaning and reusing your filters. Save expensive disposal costs of dirty filters.

Product Information Brochure

Download our complete brochure and learn all about the Green Filter Cleaning Machine.
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